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An unrestrained place is bleak and desolate

An unrestrained place is bleak and desolate
Scatter unable arm, unrestrained one place bleak and desolate.
In the deserted and lonely darkness, I have chosen silence, I have chosen to unlock, even if know and maltreat oneself. Seeing indoor light passing bit by bit, I hold the arm tightly, do some prayers quietly, it is a meter of sunshine that wants to keep that here hard darkly before coming.
Only left night, roll contract roll contract again, unload lose all sham, face heaven pay no attention to thing in this world usually, wipe and fall the dust of all over worldly affair, my state of mind can be precipitated in this quarter.
Love or like, in or out, does not matter, the one left is only one's own body, how bleak and desolate, how flourishing, in very short time that that you turn round .... Leave some emptily lonelily in the heart, the result without way of escape is like this. Want to depend on, it is this that has been expected into my very heavy disappointment too one piece of oneself when being too much, stand, in edge, used to everything of you, give oneself a dead end now. Silent leaving, go around like the wild spirit of the soul such as swimming.
Present I, all person that I know in the dark good friend, let one's own burying here deep, have any idea, I want, used to one light to watch flower bloom, fall, unoccupied view cloud cloud up psychology welled up. This is really a lot of desired realms of people. Often give some of oneself confidence, let oneself indulge in self-admiration, really enough, can't cheat oneself any more, can't catch the last straw come, advise oneself me have the whole land always. In hate you realize I when being fine, I but you kind to me in greedy memory, just know all these have already been out, that has been replaced will be my indifference to you. Don't, lover once, summary in you natural instinct of people selfish eventually.
Night is tall and thin, my state of mind becomes dreary, perhaps leave the thin and weak happiness of this individual event of yours, I will accept more depending on.
Continuing at night, the moon is long too, my state of mind is being buried in the cocoa syli, mine vainlies hope to be buried in this bleak and desolate dim light of night ........ )
Give a present to the boyfriend in 09 Valentine's Days
Valentine's Day is the lover's festival, boys buy the present for girl, likewise, the girl can send the present to the liking adoring of the boy to the boyfriend too to express; How is the man characteristic of each constellation, what suitable Valentine's Day is the present sent?

Capricorn boyfriend

Advance bravely and rubing castrated ram man steady and sure, have great man temper and easy to reveal love very, everything likes acting according to schedule, and is fond of clearly demarcatedly, while giving him a present, representative will easy to please as principle with symbolic meaning.

Send him off: Design the formal tie in an crystal ashtray, a neutral color and pattern.

Aquarius man

Man Aquarius known as wizard, pay attention to soul and communicate, pursue the psychological stimulus and exceed reality, have a hope and expect to people, just the love and friendship are all important equally for them, if your love is not still very ripe to need while proposing giving a present and too cautious, its thing, express naturally, present of person who know, or novel interesting things very suitable.

Send him off: A suit of music CD, one have simple lovely pattern sport T shirts.

Pisces boy

This sentence is the most affective to the romantic and understanding fish that the gift may be of small value,but it conveys the sender's deep feeling, they do not usually mind the price of the present, but is the person giving a present the real motive?

Send him off: An outdoor knapsack, a book which explores soul.

Handsome boy of Aries

Aries of the hospitable and rich sense of justice, man's white sheep is actually a childlike child, to ordinary lacking thinging to imagine strength unable to stand, like novel valuable present of sense.

Send him off: The bag of a multiuse charters, a pen with special model.

Taurus boyfriend

It is a very real lover in order to the man golden ox that goes ahead of the rest actually, it is the supreme guideline of giving a present to be practical and esthetic, so the present for them can be considered their really needing.

Send him off: A calculator, a sturdy and duable belt or a pair of cold-proof gloves.
Gemini boy

Want, give idea more, and curiosity strong Gemini choose present to need some attention especially; The men's doubles son is the least attentive, clever and is short of patience, the interest is extensive and non- precise.
Send him off: A box of developmental game groups, a new and listing electronic product.
Cancer boyfriend

Understanding Cancer, like the present of the resentful feeling with family. Patience is sheer that man's huge crab behaves, can be competent at the slight and trifling work, so cost the individualized present that scheming made up, can move their heart most.

Send him off: Model toy, transformer.

Leo boyfriend

Candid and proud lion, man lion's appearance has very strong confidence, in fact soul is very fragile, needing a great magnificent gift can especially meet his Vanity.

Send him off: A fashionable famous-brand men's clothing, a beautiful leather undershirt that packed.

Virgo man

Pay attention to Virgo that cultural life is prone to perfect doctrine, it is the feeling of a motive that really need, the man virgin values the instrument very much, can not hold untidily; If not the complete understanding of the grade to them, must not give presents next to the skin such as the clothes,etc. rashly, otherwise some kindness may run counter to desire.

Send him off: One of his books interesteds to study, a card overwriting true feelings and loving.

Libra boyfriend

Want to please clever and rational Libra, it is not an easy thing, a present that have grades and also has the feel needs you to select diligently.

Send him off: The books of a unique sport form, a celebrity's biographies.

Scorpio boyfriend

Cold and hot variable Scorpio, piece people of centre, give he at the present, no weight, as the principle with the heavy quality.

Send him off: Silver ring, one are formal but shirt, a huge antique car poster, an antique form, hanging strip of the famous brand.

Sagittarius boy

Freedom bold and unrestrained Sagittarius, though individual character like, receive constrained, like, receive one can represent present of affection.

Send him off: A pair of necklace, a book of travels or CD laser disc about nature which are carved with the name.

Give boyfriend give present should send to lover that they like careful and sure to know what the sweetheart like in girl Valentine's Day, the constellation is only a range for reference.
  Chapter six Enter the imperial palace for the first time  The good fortune in love affairs is not simple

"Where is this, is it fine? " I am asking curiously it is fine. The splendour that originally thought how the imperial palace will be, but this palace was the independent courtyard where a elegance freed from philistinism obviously at the moment.

Getting fine and helpless to shake the head towards me, yes, she whether the first time get how could know where are these too?

"Cough, is this? " Aunt just wanted to speak, I was vying for saying: "This is the cold palace, right, because is too desolate! "

"Volume! " Aunt flies over a herd of crows on the head immediately. "This is the place where the sons of two emperors live before sealing the king! "

"Then does he live inside now? " I enter, can see person of those legend now, oh, easy to look forward to! Am I long and so big to see yet? Originally, English Mr. tell us a story say U.S.A. have a class, on the street, can ask to another person without mincing words: " Areyougay? " " I'm gay! " I still can't help sighing for the degree of opening of U.S.A. at that time. Meeting a moment later, did I wanted, is asking him like this too, thought of here, I unexpectedly" oh " Smile and speak.

"Volume, Miss, you are OK! " It is fine what has been cared about asks me.

"That piece, that piece, two now palace outside palace, son of emperor, emperor can not live in the imperial palace behind the sub adult! This that he will not come of tomorrow and you got married. This is a rule too. " Aunt think the young lady can getting sick, want to see two emperor son so, smile like that? Well, must have been stimulated, it is a woman involved by emperor's son, think of this, she can't help sympathizing with Yin Zhi a bit gently, the helpless one is looking at the gentle young lady of Zhi.

And I on one side am entirely ignorant of, aunt has already thrown sorry sight to oneself.

Oh, I at this moment am thinking, he appeared in the palace, too regrettable, it seems that can only not be just seen until tomorrow, have gone out of the palace? He can be with the ocean changing the palace into the man aboveboard! Clicking the tongue, really envy! I envy he does, I am the normal people! Oh!

"Miss, Miss, you are OK, has left as soon as possible, the good fortune wet nurse has already left! " It is said that it is fine and worried. One's own young lady is a little abnormal once getting to the imperial palace, OK! Frightened by the sons of two emperors.

"Oh, then go a bit more quickly, it is fine! " Run saying me and drawing it's fine forward fast.

"Toot toot! " Who knows a preceding one that piece ask good fortune aunt of wet nurse stop suddenly, make me knock her back directly, so painful that I utter a sound continuously.

"Miss, Gong Zhong can't make a scene at will, makes noise arbitrarily, let alone walk fast fast, you invite you in the palace now, pay attention to the words and deeds! " The good fortune aunt began the scold like the preach again, I!

"Yes, yes, I have known! It is studied where I am going! " I am a bit impatient to asked.

"Ahead the little institute, please follow me! "

I follow the good fortune aunt to come to a neither large nor small Chinese courtyard house, am writing " changed in quality in the institute " on setting up a memorial archway in front of the door .

"Is it here? " I am asking curiously, the name is very strange.

"Eh, all woman to enter palace want, get this study, walk out from these, can slough off and become various fair maidens! " Good fortune aunt's patient explanation, " Miss, please follow me, you have only half days, it can learn simple by etiquette only you all with. "

Patient one one, aunt of good fortune, walk little quick and short steps of the palace teach me, but I do not just dislike these affectedly shy posture to walk, walk out like this, feel too flirtatious, too false! So, I at she demonstration N all over after,still can, she the getting more discouraged at all, insist on me learning it, the promise, she has a rest aside, insist on myself practising here by oneself, went on like this, I would probably live here studying today, will have pity on my leg and wind wind, that is that one is hard!

"It is fine, you get me some water, I am so thirsty! " I am saying feebly.

"Miss, water seems not to be drunk by you, I will go to the other places to fetch for you at once, you practise carefully! " It is fine not to forget to exhort me before leaving, well!

At this moment, come in the east, a burst of mild and roundabout and beautiful xiao sound, sometimes melancholy, sometimes lonely, when but it is the deep,even I pieces of music idiot, can have heard appear blow out the peoples of the sounds is absolutely not aimless people xiao. I look up, hope to look at the good fortune aunt, find she is sleeping, oh, then, I slip out, look for forward along the xiao sound.

Unconsciously, I have come to a wayside pavilion, there is mist around the wayside pavilion, like the fairyland. The people to blow xiao half rest on, catch a cold post of pavilion, Yong lazy and not enchanting to produce xiao, look far into the distance and seem to enter the fairy maidens of human world by mistake.

I go over silently, the silent one looks at that " celestial being " . Oh! So beautiful immortal! Yes, can only say she is an immortal, her face thin nose holds out, the eyelashes are very long, the skin is bright and clean, like hawk have eyes of god cover with a layer of fog, the sexy lip is closing tightly the xiao of blowing a little, a black hair of hers is put up lazily and naughtily on the front, seems more clear and more agreeable in Yong, I think Duan Yu and see her, sure not to call Wang language Yan calls the immortal an elder sister, because this talent before one's eyes is real immortal's elder sister!

Suddenly, xiao sound bad-tempered to stop, she seem find I, whom eyes like hawk detest stare at me, sexy thin lip have no enough time, open, my burst of a word, have interrupted: "Beauty, give grandfather laugh at one. " I do not pass the rising from a word like this of the brain at all, it seems that was taken liberties with and spoilt by Jiang Ting in the past, see beauties by oneself now, unexpectedly study kind of that vice ruffian of hers too, well! I have associated with an evil person too!

Immortal's elder sister seems not to expect either I will rise from such sentence, have not uttered a word for the moment at all, the ones that just seem lost in thought look at me, make the good awkwardness of atmosphere!

"Oh, how do you do, I interrupt you blow xiao, I am sorry, I want meaning to take liberties with you on purpose, make a joke, oh! " I smile and smile awkwardly.

A silk is surprised that her eyes flash, who knows she does not answer me at all, turn round to leave, really too bad-mannered, the beauty has great temper, well, understand now why why the star puts on airs, someone is calling people parents' beauty! There is capital! Oh! I am facing toward the figure that the beauty disappears and begin to have one imagination after another.

"Miss, how is you in this, good fortune wet nurse look for quite a while such as you, please go back as soon as possible! " That high sound of decibel comes again finely in the distant place.

My behavior is still like that after going back, then the good fortune aunt breaks to pieces for quite a while for me again, say my child can't teach too, she accepts one's fate too, say that makes me a bit cleverer tomorrow, what kind does it finish study on what kind, she make buttocks go away too. I am so stupid, is that your teaching method is problematic!

Picture at night office

"Miss, why do not you sleep! You will be married tomorrow, have a rest early! " It is fine the concern is said.

"It is fine, do you know, I see immortal's elder sister in the palace today, a so beautiful man, the temper is a little bit great! " I am talking excitedly and finely.

"Right? How could is immortal of the palace, do you have dim eyesight? "

"Eh, she is so beautiful, the xiao sound blown is heard carefully too, but seem it is a dumb person, what her capital I say to pay no attention to me! " I am saying baffledly.

"Is she a dumb person? What a pity! " It is fine to echo other people's views thoughtlessly.

"Eh, God, shuts a door for you, will open a window for you. So the people do not have perfect person! "

"Miss, who is God? " It is fine to wonder why the young lady understands so many?

"Volume, similar to Emperor of Heaven Jade Emperor whom you talked about, only one is western god. One is god in the East! " My patient explanation.

"The young lady is so terrible, everything is known! Toot toot" Saying, so fine as to cry.

"What happened to you, what cry! " Well why it is crying,regard oneself as by younger sister Lin really!

"No, just getting fine to want good young lady want, married, marry two emperor son so, all right and sad, regrettable for young lady, not worth! " She says while sobing.

"It is so fine, thank you, I am free, true! " I moved very much, came to this strange world only finely to regard oneself as the relative and ache!

"OK, let's have a rest soon, it is fine, please sleep too! " How 's one day it will be tomorrow, know the two emperor son either, what kind of person will it be? I wish not to bring disaster to the innocent people and involve me!
  Chapter five Clarify the truth  Just to my liking

The svelte brow was locked closely, has looked at me after a moment's silence, forcing down the sound will say to me: "That sons of two emperors, full name: Emperor's few China, Pu, the word son is soft, 20 years old, current His Majesty and the only son of the queen, it is said he ten year old change temper that year since, all people to serve him at one's side must be the man, including the maid of honour, the eunuch is no exception. He seem except one's own mother and two woman these, sister of emperor, woman any close to she have kind consequence, either the imprisonment for life of determining a crime by the unwarranted charge, or banish the alien land, it is to miss to have. However, let now the emperor by he take a wife,at go to by government official household,to town common people, all others' daughters are unwilling to marry him, say accurately that does not dare to marry him. So the emperor spreads purport by mistake because of carelessness, can only say your life is not good, perhaps it is the emperor he just chooses you at all, in a word, have no way of checking that knows! You, you, free? "

"Oh, I am certainly all right, you mean he dislikes women very much, right? " I am happy to ask her laughing at.

"Are you really free? Will not be dumbfounded, yes, he really dislikes women, has already reached the intensity detested, so you are with this kind of people, it is sure to be overwhelmed with sorrow! So please escape, the uncle does not disagree with, you let him think about the method help you to escape! " What she worries about is suggesting me.

"Escape? Why escape, I see, OK, a comrade, OK, I like very much, with my purpose! Oh! " I am extremely glad, oh, I see!

"What is the comrade? Do you confirm you are really free? Ask the imperial physician to see! "

"Don't worry, I am really OK, the comrade? Word that I talk nonsense, oh, we go back quickly, or else getting fine the girl break to pieces, read again, hurry up! "

Confused by I sveltely, been gone back drawing by me, it is fine to enter the refined garden to hear, high voice of decibel that sound, " Miss, you getting OK, where does it go, why come back, urgent, extremely I, what you have known! "

"Oh, It's nothing, I can have everything, Let's go, let's go to have a meal, the household is so hungry, svelte you stay too, we are in order to have a meal together! I might as well like you! Oh " I wash her two and smile evilly.

It is fine to cry for help and look at sveltely, it is confused to be svelte, say she does not know either, the innocent very too. I will have a meal to put them on one side!

"Svelte, you are so thin, eat more! " I afford to gobble up on one side, give cousin insert dish often, person who make desk those several people look like I shoot strange expression in one's eyes, "oh, actually we were good sisters, looked after each other rightly! "

"OK, OK, gentle, really sensible! Well, His Majesty send someone, give you give, marry clothing let you study palace courtesy still tomorrow, you will sleep carefully this evening, don't want to be too much! I have already got all ready, those women officers will not embarrass you! " It is told me that the father is very kindly.

Make me move well, oh, such kindred has been just got, will leave soon, well! Well!

In the evening, see the cousin off, I lie prone in front of the window alone, while staring flankly:

The sons of two emperors that they said were a comrade originally, really, too made a fuss over a trifling matter, however, accepted in this times are really very difficult, could not accept this fact by oneself in the past, since listened to Jiang Ting and spoke the Eight Diagrams history of a schoolboy's comrade's love last time, understand all living creature equal originally, what kind of love worthy to be respected just! Well, if he were comrade, will be very beautiful, it is said the comrade is all beautiful well, because others have capital even more beautiful than the woman that can contend for the women! So,it can be regarded as I to flicker because it die, the getting most more safe at his side them, do not protect without knowing the integrity in one's later years at least, oh! Can also find one emperor son as big meal ticket for a long time, in the past until university know, study, know flavour to have the meal ticket time, by now, can enjoy!

"Oh, oh! " Think about it, one's own happy one is happy to speak.

"Miss, Miss, you are OK, has been staring flankly till now all the time, also smile, you mustn't be being frightened I! " It is asked anxiously that it is fine.

"I am certainly all right, I can marry emperor's son, should be glad, you leave on tenterhooks all day, OK! " Saying, I had put the gesture of one OK to her, blinked, slept!

Early morning of next day

"The young lady stands up quickly, Miss, wakes up, you have many things to do today, can't delay! " Hear fine chattering early in the morning!

"Eh, please go out first, I will stand up at once! " My dim saying, only hear " creakily " Each last sound,to go out, continue let Gong Zhou not gone I again, the getting more excited too in at yesterday, make me count sheep and count at midnight, just fall asleep.

"Ah! " Getting fine one give a blood-curdling scream, I and appointment of Gong Zhou over completely, " how you sleeping on even Miss, hurry up, people come inside the palace, it is too late to stand up! "

"Oh, it is so fine, can't you let me have a rest for a moment? I am so tired! " I beg.

"Can't with,say master can lost, serve there aren't you at once slaves and maids! " It is said to me impartially and incorruptibly that it is fine.

Well, the life is bitter, really, has not been married yet and get up early now, the day for the future, not more arduous!

Have breakfast, I getting fine to bring, get lean towards drawing room.

" MY GOD! Why is all red! " I can't help crying out in alarm, on the desk, have occupied the red tribute all over the chair, even stand by the desk those several middle aged women are all red from head to foot all over, even if red ocean, this has been too overstated!

"Slaves and maids, see Miss, young lady should restrained a bit, Zhong Gong than looks office, slaves and maids will teach you palace etiquette carefully afternoon! " One aunt personage of rank begin, break to pieces to read in one's ear in me.

"Oh, then are you? " Who they are, really enough to drag, I detest others' putting on airs in front of me!

"The slaves and maids are personal slave girls around queen, bring and marry the clothing newly to try on for you specially recently, the queen still lets the slaves and maids teach you the etiquette of the palace carefully, in case that get married and forget oneself tomorrow! " Among them it shows the identity to me that an aunt is supercilious.

That aunt who has among them has just spoken thinks in the heart: See, before the the young lady, sympathize with she very much, marry who knows two such people, son of emperor, good fortune or the misfortune! But the young lady understand rule too just, seem that teach her etiquette, so as not to purposely cause complication, involve oneself!

"Miss Yin, please finish trying on the clothes, enter the palace with slaves and maids! " Aunt continues saying.

"Enter the palace? Why enter the palace to study, is not it all right at home? I do not want to enter the palace now! " Whom I resort to sophistry say who know, enter palace door like sea deeply, I want, go early so, in case one carelessness say improper remark, must the head move. No way, I have no psychological preparation.

"It is queen empress, letting by you it for palace, dare slaves and maids from,please finish changing behind clothes entering with slaves and maids by palace, the slaves and maids wait for you in the back drawing room. " Her neither humble nor pushy saying, but gave somebody a kind of pressure that can't be refused. Say some other pieces of maid of honour cross gift person who go out with her.

"Well, can only I toughen one's scalp, go, getting fine to go with me? " I do not want to go to that kind of place alone, can only be so hurt and wronged and fine as to go with me.

"Eh, OK, Miss. " Getting fine to think Miss, Miss, do you really love me? Go everywhere to want me to follow, this does not hurt me!

Say, belong to, say we to step on Luis to get on the imperial palace with other maids of honour in two people in main servant!
  Chapter four Big one of tricky rough VS  Dislike before disappearing

"Miss, you sit these two divisions of day and night, what happened to you, did not go outside to dry? " It is fine to see the own young lady since come back in the morning bored stiff sitting is here, why did a lively man turn into like this suddenly so while waking up? Has the young lady known the truth? Has the looks grandfather said, can't say, who is so bold? Whether should tell the young lady in fact, the young lady is married over like this, will take things too hard even more, say now, the young lady, as last time, no way, can't say absolutely!

"It is getting fine for me to agree, you tell me, why it is on earth, the two emperor pieces of very ugly person in son, there is infectious disease, psychosis will not be AIDS? " Qi YuJie has thought of one's own all reasons that can expect, she asked all people today, those people followed and the same as somebody has fled deposition, answer the same, I don't know, even the aunt mother, it is one that want face can said to say, her elder brother is more hateful, run from the back door directly once seeing her simply, make her feel oneself is as lobo inside the story, the little white hare sees her frighten away! Promise, have left getting fine this piece want, escape escape even have pity on children only now!

"Miss, don't force the slaves and maids, the slaves and maids do not dare to say, do not know! " A fine to have no will of one's own one say.

"You do not dare not to know, you can not be muttering and mumbling! " I can be really a little impatient!

"Miss, I accompany you to go out to walk around in the looks office, you will go soon, have seen the scenery of the intact looks offices yet, we can play when going out! " Getting fine to think or divert one's attention at once, otherwise oneself can follow Miss to be honest really perhaps.

"Well, let's go out to stroll, it is really very boring! You do not want to say let it be, anyway I myself will know in a couple of days, seeing is believing! " I say helplessly.

Look at young lady so delicate and touching appearance, getting fine to know it is to help young lady or hurt young lady for oneself not to do it in this way really!

Refined garden (the most beautiful garden of looks office, Yin Zhi gentle breeder mother's favorite place)

I am fine accordingly to come to the refined garden, here is really so beautiful, really have " the beauties of spring occupy every place in the garden can not close " Border,liking breeder mother of me, pieces of accomplished lady too probably! Otherwise how could my father like!

"It is fine, you think what well beautiful flower this is, what flower is it? " Say I have one little Chinese flowering crabapple flower of caterpillar put that fine on hand, oh, you do not tell me, are thenned do malicously by me! Haha!

"Ah! " It is fine one sound gives a blood-curdling scream, the flower holds and turns pale at once, throw that miserable flower to the ground, the motherland flower well has been wrecked like this by her, well!

I fear, catch her, turn round, scamper, run, " Miss, don't run, wait a moment for I? " It is chased to me that it is said that it is fine.

"It is a fool not to run, is caught up with by you, then can return? " I was saying, ran faster and faster.

At this moment, I knock down a meat wall because of carelessness, the meat wall was roared " oh" to me suddenly! Who, walk, grow eyes, knock down Miss this, come on people, give me domestic discipline to serve so! "

"It is fine, is this her home, or my home? " It is a bit baffled and wonderful for me to feel, excuse of her seem this she house. It is really her family, then my very big one one asks it is fine.

"Miss, this is certainly your family, would not you lose memory again, the young lady? " It is fine, turn over the head, say to the meat wall: "Unless unless form Miss, look carefully, whose name is young lady collide you because of carelessness,you should impoliteness like this! "

"Hen, small girl, dare bully to me on the head, is it? You the young lady, now but the laughing stocks of the streets and lanes, she, with the deserted wife soon, having had no differences, is returning to the young lady, hen! " That meat wall is said impolitely.

"The deserted wife? I speak you make words clear, you getting sick, bump against people apologize, you of you father mother teach you should how apologize? Your head can not learn to apologize at all! " Saying, I threw it with the expression in one's eyes that sympathized with to her.

" you, you " Meat wall you half day, trembling angry, get a breathing space, come finally, roar towards me: "How amazing do you think you are? Have pieces of father as prime ministers? Hen, how is your father amazing? You do not still want to marry that sons of two icy emperors, you are very steady, do not you know those sons of two emperors are anybody? "

Talked about the key place at last, oh, I blinked towards her curiously, look at her with the pious expression in one's eyes, wait for the making known of truth.

"Form Miss, slaves and maids hope you say that shouldn't speak, Miss she lose memory, everything can not be remembered, and the master does not hope either the young lady knows this, so you are still the majesty not challenged the master! " The speaking of the fine straight harsh words of justice.

When did I thought it fine suddenly to become so imposing, easy to have and majestic, well! I should study for a while hard too!

"Hen! The girl dies, you take few uncles and press me! " Saying, turned over the head and looked at me, the baffled and ingenious one looked at me to talk about, " you really lost memory originally, can not remember! I am your cousin! Svelte! "

"Oh, how do you do, I am Qi, not that Zhi is gentle, oh, oh yes we can borrow one step and speak! I want to talk about the old days with you, we are really friendly at the first meeting! " I miserable bar look forward to she, heaven know how I think knowing the truth, but people does not bet here, then can only stoop to compromise, has requested this tricky quite little cousin!

Look at by I,it take care of by oneself say " you, if you change, you are the fine, come you with me! " Say, draw I, ignore shaking the head getting fine to risk one's life behind too, say permittedly. I am svelte accordingly, come to the wayside pavilion of a small courtyard to sit down, unexpected this looks office, there is so secluded a place too, really inconceivable, I still thought splendid everywhere!

After a moment's silence, the good awkwardness of atmosphere, " volume, that one, cousin, you, you! " I seem stammer, want, ask, know should how ask can't, a very direct one ask you know I future old Mr. have any questions? Feel it is a genuine wife that asks one's own husband's lover, what questions old duke has oneself, , in a word, do not know how to ask!

"Unless that piece, unless I am sorry, it know unless you lose memory, just now think I I,you and, so I am disrespectful to you first, oh! " The svelte and awkward one smiled and smiled, she really thought just now one's own cousin will scold oneself carefully, then he who strikes first gains the advantage, will attack her like hedgehog, think about it now by oneself, she seem lose memory really, become, live, dial even more, sensible!

"That one, OK, certainly I will not blame you, own sisters, I was always fighting with my cousin yet in the past, can become reconciled a moment later, oh! "

"In the past, had you remembered? "

"Oh, no, no, it was I that guessed! " I almost, give the game away, nerve really loud pair enough.

"Do you want to know the thing of that sons of two emperors? Do not you really know? If you can escape, don't marry he, so as not to receive crime all one's life, in fact, in fact, I like your cousin very much! " Whom she seem lost in thought tell me.

"Do I really really want to know, can you tell me? My father none of them tells me, I will marry him the day after tomorrow, who but I will connect with him, do not know, really! " I pretend pitifully, as she begs, she is still really yielding to soft tactics but can withstand high-handed pressure, like me, oh!

The truth will be made known soon, I am so excited!
Chapter three In the looks office Future is gloomy

It was early morning the next day Looks office

"Has starved me, do I say it's fine, where do you take me like this to have a meal, the ends of the earth? Have not then arrived yet for a long time! " Whom I impatient of wash the little girl river east lion shout, call, call!

"Miss, slaves and maids are called Xue Er, it is fine not to shout! " The young lady head enter water, why a others' name is mistaken!

"If I am not mistaken, from today, you are fine, do not want to be called Xue Er, do not listen to young lady? " Take feudal social estate system pigeonhole, pigeonhole she, who let she and I the same as a snow name that I giving tit for tat in that piece at once, spoil the fun very much, change a name for her!

"Yes, Miss, this corridor reaches the hall, you are a bit more restrained! "

"Oh, my father, serious, terrible, hit the person, hit me? " I thought suddenly that had just seemed to forget to ask these questions related to my family background!

" volume " Getting fine, three black line at the head, the young lady, ask this question whether too injure master's heart, "the master loves dearly you most, hold you in the palm, ache in the heart, how can you forget masters, toot toot" Cry saying!

"Hello, hello, you are OK, don't cry, I do not borrow your shoulder to depend on, you cry for others and think I had bullied you again, hurry up, Let's go, I starve! " This woman, is really Lin's younger sister type!

It is fragrant, so hungry to come into the hall and smell the meal that assailed the nostrils just now, the ones that slept last night were early, have supper yet,take care of I by oneself walk up to dining table,sit go down one buttocks! Would just eat, thought that a sight of cold Lie was penetrated like I, who, resumed and saw, a man about 20 is staring at oneself, do I take his seat?

"Oh, I am sorry, I do not know this is your seat, sit down, please, sorry! " Oh, see him to be long good copy have, let, give he still!

He seems not to realize yet, a silk is surprised that eyes flash, then sit supporting a middle aged woman nearby on that seat which I took just now, oh, oh, I see, very filial!

"The master, slaves and maids are damnable, the slaves and maids had only knowing all the time last night that looked after the young lady to forget to tell masters, Miss she, she loses memory! " It is fine and in panic to kneel in the earnest talking of ground.

Three people present, my father, elder brother, stepmother (that woman supporting it just now) Ah, all surprised to remain silent, silence, I know they must wonder I sing again this where produce ruse of self-injury!

Then, I am A Q once, ", father, the daughter will not really remember the thing in the past, but the health is not so great as to trouble, don't worry, don't be rather fine either, oh, it is Xue Er, elder brother is back " The stepmother almost says, almost give the game away, oh " aunt's mother, you sit down, have a meal, households are all so hungry! " By the way spread coming delicately.

As expected, " Haha, my son was sensible at last, you admitted your aunt's mother at last, Haha, an old fellow like me is good happily! " Lofty sentiments and aspirations one of my father, I have not been calling her all the time originally, no wonder her son thought I would embarrass her mother again just now, no, former I am so evil!

"Oh, the daughter loses memory, a great deal of uncomfortable places before oneself since falling into water, ,still invite the elder brother, aunt's mother mustn't blame others! " Seeing this can only serve as the well-behaved woman, redeem and atone for one's crime, accumulate virtue, try to come to a successful issue, come to a miracle to let me go back, does not know either how my Papa and Mama are, well, whether have missed me! Thought of here, unexpectedly I have cried, well, finished disdaining in vain just now finely, this pour good to grow into forest younger sister too by oneself!

"Unless the gentle in Zhi, unless blame aunt mother you, really,you elder brother can,we whole family! " Has held me and cried saying her too, so warm, mother's taste, it was more miserable that I cried.

"All right, don't cry, let's have a meal, see you just like seeing for a long time, oh! " I elder brother smile, a gentle one speak with me, those one he make just just now if two people!

My whole family have finished the breakfast happily and harmoniously, I have been called in the study by the father!

Looks grandfather, since entering study that time, the ones that have been seeming lost in thought all the time have looked at me, wish to speak but not to do so on a second thought, feel like original Jiang Ting, well, expect graceful this accompanies my good friend of four years in the river, seem to go home, my home, somewhere, well!

"Gentle, will you blame the father? " Whom phase grandfather talk to oneself say, in this room like I.

"Father, everything, how could the daughter blame the father, please say, the daughter helps you to share together! " I detest others mutter and mumble, this on really to lose I appetite! But, what will it be? Have met with, whether know?

The looks grandfather's voice sounds at this moment, like the bolt from the blue, " the father, old, unfit for anything, it is useless in one day that the emperor and I have asked, well, it has been loyal and devoted for many years that unexpectedly he ignored me to him, actually let me send you off to the fiery pit! How bitter your life is, you have had no mother since childhood, even matrimonial affair God and you open such a big joke now, well! My pitiful child! "

He seems to really love dearly my daughter very much, let it be, who I marry, not all the same? Anyway I do not know them either, the most important thing is I go back some day, not all right, well, does not hope for and climb kinship with the imperial family relatives, how my father talked so painful, well, whether have made a fuss over a trifling matter?

"Father, free, the daughter is married, it doesn't matter, I can share some things for you too while growing up! " I comfort one. Marry the sons of two emperors, it is not good for him to eat me, WHO is afraid of WHO!

My father's meaningful looking at me, feel this one of mine and leave, can not come back again, "well! ,that's all, please go down, have three days, the father will prepare for you carefully, let your scene marry, might as well have one to explain to your mother. "

I am so strange as to leave, I always think this thing is not so simple, why all marry emperor's son samely, does the big emperor's son have the difference with sons of two emperors? Easy to work as after in order to marry the eldest son the queen prepare? But see I father like that as if people that play up to people of power and influence, he, father of I, know " I " too Like the big emperor's son wholeheartedly, according to the deep love of his and mother's man and wife of that year, he is sorry for me, sympathize with my love? It is the old fogey of a feudal society, understand the love?

Well, all these are too suspicious, I must find someone to ask, have three days, must check one the truth will prevail in the end, I but practised in the court really and overly in the past, collect the evidence or is good at, oh, there can be ample scope for abilities at last in one's own speciality! Unless the not all right really, at the worst in I,it go the thirty-six strategems for on count.

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  Chapter two The dark dragon passes through  Outside expecting

Wonder how long oneself has slept on earth and just think oneself so tired, so tired, will a little never remember, yes, if has been sleeping all the time, will not be worried, it is disappointed not to have, no way, no way, I have father who loves me, mum, have many friends, I have a lot of ideals that have not been realized, really, oneself can't be so pessimistic, think, opened eyes suddenly, " Ah! " Give a blood-curdling scream each,etc.,voice on one's own how be unable for airs flirtatiouses getting more flirtatious so still, eh, must just recovered from a dangerous illness, have so unable sound just, wait a moment for oneself in where is this? This bed before one's eyes is so soft and so soft, the condition of the hospital when it is so good, mercy hearts of parents break out and get VIP suite one's own ward, eh, it must be that they know one's own ancient literature of the hobby since childhood, archaeology, but does not allow oneself to study,fashionlife oneself is ill now, the reflection of conscience lets oneself live an easy life in old age in this ancient and fragrant and ancient ward carefully. No, no, recuperate, oh, the glad one has spoken incoherently!

However, it is a first-class padauk that this one is seen, and still the mahogany furniture of that millennium, that small cup on the desk should be a superior jade cup made too, here can only be described with a worded " luxuriously" . Well, really, it seems they are that are enough for massive haemorrhage too for the treasure daughter's health, forgive them for forcing me to study the law unwilling to study for many years so!

When my limitless reverie, a sound of " young ladies " who treats the sob Having interrupted my pondering, " Miss, you have woken up, can frighten Xue Er to death, ask you to say, what happened to you, why always stare at slaves and maids, Miss! Young lady! " She say cry by lace rain on pear, how I see how to think this little girl is lovely, eyes greatly, like the red wood fine something small and hard of Q edition, she too enters the play, must be two ones that always let her act in a play carefully, can't waste their good intention, I cooperate carefully too!

"Eh! Xue Er, yes, I am thirsty, which cup Finda can you give me to the young lady? " It is miserable for Palestinian in I last she bar,hope to know patient be satisfied generally even if, it is not good to the health to drink the soda, someone is making me better! Oh!

"Miss, that one, that one, what is Finda? " See the appearance of a curious baby of hers, clicking the tongue, the real picture put, do not give let it be, put, " hey, let it be, then get me a glass of water, there water! " My helpless compromise one, her glad nodding towards me, has got me water.

" Miss, water is given to you, " I will be too impatient to wait at once to take over water, the greedy one is drunk in big mouthfuls, understand now why rain during springtime is as precious as oil, that is because water is really easy to drink, oh! "Miss, Miss, you should drink carefully, fair maiden too, you slow to a bit, don't chock, reach! " It is crow mouth that speak what come anything, " cough, cough, mother, cough, has choked me to death really! " I chock tearfully, that is one miserably, this girl is really, why is as annoying as Jiang Ting, still the same crow mouth, oh, thinking that smiles by oneself!

"Miss, you are OK, how you cried and laughed at the same time! " This young lady, how to change the temper, have met with, it will not be the momentary recovery of a dying person, think, thinking, Xue Er, will not cry trembling consciously.

"Hello, what happened to it will be you, I getting free, oh yes, you play perform really well, oh, let me of I father mother come in quickly, the river is graceful, I am not really used to it yet not to listen to her voice! " Really wonder why they do not come, a long time when play is performed, should come in to take credit for another's achievements, let me praise!

"Oh, Miss, Miss, don't frighten I, what happened to it will be you, silly? " Who knows hear what I said, it was more fierce that she cried. The woman is really that water is made, I can't help sighing with deep feeling and getting!

"Certainly I am all right, look! " Jump off the bed saying me, transfer to a body, dance and jump it for her to see. "My God, who that person is! " I have already stood in front of the dressing table at this moment, there is a beauty in the mirror, about seventeen look at the age of eight, eyes as big as Huanzhu Ge Ge that year, but some fairy air more than she, long eyelashes, cherry small mouth, it is ruddy that the face is suffused with a little because of worrying about just now, a little fairy maiden living and taking off! Jade Qi clean to frown, mirror beauty the beautiful eyebrow a little knit the brows even; Jade Qi clean to spit lower tongue, mirror beauty fragrant tongue little to reveal too; Jade clean to smile gently, mirror the beauty smiles too if peach blossom.

"Oh depend on, this is me! " Saying my calling out without thinking, what is the matter, it is oneself that has died, have reincarnated? Have passed through?

"Miss, you getting OK, you every uncomfortable, how! You do not frighten me! " It is said that Xue Er is worried.

"That one, I seem to wear, oh yes, I am free, you can tell me which this is, what dynasty? "

"Miss, what have worn, what meaning is this? " She understand young lady hold boudoir throughout the year as oneself, how how can say some strange and eccentric things just recovered from a dangerous illness.

"Volume, that is meaning of losing memory, you mustn't afraid, it is not to remember the thing I without a thing, please tell me carefully! " I begin face whom heart does not beat let go, blow lie, oneself really more and more getting intrepid again!

"Oh, the young lady is not afraid, master is here, the master will decide for you! " This young lady must be frightened terribly, this sample that will change.

I lie in bed, hearing this Q edition " little fine son " before having in mind carefully Deed of this health host comes to my one tirelessly:

It is it towards 30 years just now, my " father " It is that nowadays His Majesty accompanies one's spouse who is studying abroad, so the emotion is very good, occupy a job of prime minister, but my mother died because I have difficult labour, so the father empty seat several decades of lawful wife unexpectedly, in the broken feudal society being really a generation of much-told tales. Well, everybody is so in that of ours, arrived this was returned into a much-told tale, disgusting! Only I am to this one "  Father " Take a shine to very much. I let Zhi Yin gentle, I have one elder brother, he seem be born of a concubined, call JingFeng Yin, neither very warm nor cold with my relation, just, so that you find I revive in a new guise like this. I know "  Serious disease " ,The same as my dark dragon incident, she point wedding give big emperor son, declare into purport by mistake originally, those pieces sub for princess in two emperor,speak the emperor what also like this, let pieces of princesses of the Nations not married God's will by emperor sons big first, let " I " Waiting to marry that sons of two emperors, but " I " at home carefully Disagree. Crying and shouting should break off an engagement, the first time so gentle a " I " Should protest, until " I " Commit suicide by jumping into the river, I father just fly into a rage from shame at last, leave " I " alone now Unidentified daughter of this life and death, enter the palace and go to resist purport directly, went quite a while ago, have not come back yet!

Hearing, I fall asleep unconsciously, always think that there is a thing, little fine son tell me whether why is I unwilling to marry the two emperor son, wholehearted and in love because of big emperor's son and me, but others all have a wife, how awkwardly to meet, oh, what Qi YuJie thought, as like oneself and big emperor's son really in love, fall asleep in this way!
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Dim a thousand pieces of gold passed through
 Chapter one Return to origin  Splash game

Emperor's dynasty just of ancient it

"Flower wither flower fly to flower to be red to disappear fragrant to have who sympathize with while being broken all over the sky? "

Accompanied by Yin Zhi, wipe flashing beautifully, a burst of splashes are spattered, a wisp of fragrant souls disappear promptly ~~~~


One city of China in 21st century

"Oh, it is very good, you came at last, speed uping will begin soon! " Jiang Ting sees I reach the meeting-place on time, the glad one is attacked over like I, almost make me pour, it is the ravenous wolf that attacks the food! Oh, I she hits the cruel chestnut when being cranky, retract reality of me.

"Announce, recommend suitable person for admission to school soon, why is you still late, even if it is you that have a sure thing, take modesty come, look for, order too! " Well, she has begun to break to pieces and read again, really, a Mummy chatters at home, have her outside, I am just born at the wrong time, what a bitter word it is!

"Hello, hello, whether you have heard my advice of talking like a Dutch uncle! "

"Eh. Eh, the lesson is. " It has been over to fear her and chatter again, has accepted modestly at once!

"Well, this of yours broke children small! " She begin, only heavy less than one year than me obviously, know, ask me to be " little to break children " all day ,I am so small, oh, but I am really pretty and cleverly-made!

Dean that voice, sounded on time at last, broke the breaking to pieces to read garrulously of the good friend at this moment.

"This time, through the institute leader, a tutor, there is identical approval of the representatives of students, assuaring that grind the planned number of our institute, has already confirmed, yes - -! " He was saying, the meaningful one hoped to look at me, " well, student Zhang Xue " ,The whole audience burst into thunderous applause immediately, envy, a jealous one Electronics Manufacturer, it is baffled looking at me to have, strange, look at me to do, I hope to go back coolly, really!

At this moment, Zhang Xue had already gone to the prize-awarding platform, began the award-winning comment of the wide theory of treatises, say badly "  Thank for CCTV "  ," oh "  ,Expect this I can't help smiling, Ting Jiang look at I think saying something, wish to speak but not to do so on a second thought, well, when she is so restrained, oh.

Zhang Xue classmate at platform, has ended up with tendency before precaution can be taken and lectured, come by me, wash my proud smiling, " the end or I win! " "Congratulations! You are that fame follows merit! " Well, that scolding in the heart of mine, false, any time will open one's mouth and tell a lie!

"Hen! " Unexpectedly she has grunted, has left! Have changed the temper a bit, it is not good! It was ill omen that one changed the temper suddenly! Really want to try to persuade her! Well!

"Little to break child, you what is the matter finally, why is not you, you are OK! " Good friend Jiang Ting's eager reply of waiting for me, she just wanted to ask this originally, I what does it think still, it installs to be so restrained, oh! Have no way, the process that I can only tell her the whole thing in full detail!

"What, YuJie Qi, you what is the matter, it is you oneself that request teacher, give up planned number, give to her, you are sick! " She angry to shout towards me, I know she really getting angry, otherwise can connect with famous area surnamed call me.

"In fact, I neither want to go to that school, nor want to study this speciality, if protect and is ground, cannot transfer to the speciality, and I want to do in the test to the ideal school according to one's own capability, Xue Zhang want, go, let she, why not do it? " I begin to tell her the sound of one's own heart slowly.

"Well, you do not really like the law, then you study for four years yet, and better than what the one that like of mine is also wanted and is studied, have really made you bitter! " Jiang Ting begins to sympathize with this vilain at the moment a bit.

" please rest assured, what I study is you happily " I comfort her one, in fact have her by me, it is just not so boring. Last I the newses it will speak often she the Eight Diagrams,at to star,to teachers and studentses around, omniscient; Will also tell spirit's story and frighten me; Newer unrequited love target when can often say something about her at that time! Oh, it is accompanied for four years that there is such a person and how could it is boring!

River graceful one appearance that injure very much, let me ask she KFC, it says to be to want sad stomach, she of comfort, whether has got it wrong, the stomach can be sad, then my money is sadder, really. But think of, graduate soon, can't oily together in everyday, I in good taste to ask her gorge on first, the only unlucky strange wallet of my rice bought newly only, has just returned the drum, it is just like a discouraged ball now.

After with the graceful departure of river, think about I go to the bank of the river, strange, how can this enclose so many people!

"Ask you, rescue my child, my child, she has gone down for a long time, why not come up, mother is waiting for you, hurry up, mother is waiting for you, no, mother is still waiting for you! " Only see a all over wet woman weep one's heart out at the bank, extremely sad. And nearby people those sigh simply just, whom some regret shake and shake the head, some smile and smile scornfully, some discuss in that in a low voice, but nobody wants to go down to rescue people's meaningElectronic Manufacturing Services.

Though oneself though the swimming skill is not very very good, can swim anyhow, the more important one has a kindhearted Chinese heart! Then oneself shouting to National People's Congress of those: "You have sympathy, do not know either that rescue people! " The ones that includes and does not hesitate jump off water, swim in the middle of water.

"Hello, classmates, don't go, that is dangerous, come back as soon as possible. " The brother of an uncle's rank shouted towards me, really, did not go to rescue people just now, care now I do! Oh yes, have forgotten to ask that auntie, where her child is concrete to fall into water, it should be nearby, can not very cry here, quite right, think of this, oneself going to the travel around front without the least hesitation.

At this moment, give a blood-curdling scream at the bank, is that auntie? It seems to be, she faint!

Found at this moment one's own foot is snarled by the pasture and water, met with, can not move, well, can people will incurable to reach, oneself is ahead of GAME OVER! Think of this, can't help, type piece cold and quiver, I make great efforts, make oneself as sink, constraint to untie foot slowly.

Hear bank come police car, ambulance, sound to have fire engine indistinctly, a policeman's uncle shouts towards me holding the megaphone: "Classmates, you are OK, migrate as soon as possible, we have already sent someone to meet you, have insisted on! " I want to go back, powerless thoroughly, I am all pooped out, still the tour is a wind! When I take notice of and know gradually fuzzily, feel that a thing exerted the utmost strength to be dragging my foot, let me sink, think about one's own Great Britain will die annually early soon, that will be hated in the heart!

Say that in right time is fast, swimming over to Qi YuJie's position fast of two fire fighters, one she since asking at the bottom, another person clutch her neck with the powerful arm, two people risk one's life migrate, soon, they three get back to the bank smoothly.

Medical personnel, the fast and skilled one takes notice of the place to know student Qi YuJie not clear, lift to the stretcher! At this moment, I am hearing dimly, that policeman's uncle's surprised shout just now: "You say her in anything, do not commit suicide, it is that child dying in order to rescue and already fall into water a few days before, is not her mother crazy? " Hiss in one's ear! My brain, " drone " immediately Every one,it is dark dragon,whose name is in history " dragons dark " the most most Incident,it is great in each in oneself unexpectedly want get killed young man almost, it is devil really to be the excited!

When jade Qi being clean to break to pieces study in, she only thinks a cool breeze blows gently in a period of time, fall asleep in this way by oneself!
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